So much is similar between these two financial products in India that they undercut each other when it comes to garnering a share of investors interest in these products.

Very fine line distinguishes between these products.

Infact many investors may not be aware of fact that companies who are partners in Indian Insurance Industry are arch rivals in Mutual Fund Industry i.e TATA AIG Life insurance Company v/s TATA Mutual Fund and AIG Mutual Fund.

ULIP v/s MF Part 1

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4 thoughts on “MF v/s ULIP

  1. Hi please give me a detailed account of all the loadings in an mutual fund investments, life total annual fees, distribution fees, managemnt fees, sales load fees, redemption fees, exchange fees, account fees, purchase fees and other fees.
    Ulips als let me know like admin fees, mortality fees, fund management fees, etc.

    Please let me know at your earliest… this is very urgent.


  2. hi let me know all the loadingsin mutual funds, like total annual fee, distribution fee, management fee, sales load fee, redemtion fee, exchange fee and account fees,

    In ulips we need to know mortality, fund management, admin fees.

    Please let us know at your earliet.
    It is very urgent.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Dinaz Adil Bhamgara


  3. @Dinaz,

    Many of the fees are specific to respective schemes. Many schemes will have a combination of fees but not all e.g if you have entry load (typically 0.5%-2.25%) and exit load, then you might not have Sales load in the same scheme.

    Annual Fees are based on the NAV of the scheme and is charged on the NAV of the scheme.

    Not all schemes need to file for exchange fees.

    Some of the fees are not charged to the investors directly but are paid by the AMC.

    ULIP have clear cut fees structure mentioned in the product brochures as there was extensive mis-use of the product. Agents sold ULIP’s without disclosing the high charges associated with them to the investors. So the rule was made to mandatorily disclose the fees details in the product forms itself. The same is not the case with mutual funds.
    All these fees for respective schemes are disclosed in the Offer Document and KIM which are available with AMC offices and Agents as well.


  4. please give me the comparison of top 20 indian mutual funds 2009 using sharpe ratio, treynor ratio, jensen model and fama model. i shall be highlu oblized.


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