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Subsequent to SEBI Circular, KYC was implemented in the Indian Mutual Fund  Industry. KYC in MF industry was much similar to other industries like banking, insurance and other financial services.

Customer, client or the investor needs to submit various documents to verify and authenticate fund flow from and to the Asset Management Companies.

Listed below are initial attempts to explain KYC and the procedure followed to register or comply with KYC/ PMLA 2002 guidelines.

KYC for Mutual Funds

KYC forms download

KYC forms

CVL Contact Details

Mutual Fund POS in India and UAE

2 thoughts on “KYC

  1. Dear sir, My folio No XXXXXXX (Magnum taxgain fund-dividend). I want to switch this to equity. Please inform me.

    (Some Personal Information is removed for enhanced privacy protection)


    • @Dinesh,

      SBI Magnum TAXGAIN is a ELSS scheme with lockin period of 3 yrs. You can switch or withdraw only after that period. Tear off the lower half of your account statement and forward a switch request to your nearest SBI Mutual Fund office or contact your local agent.



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