For Armed Forces and Police.

We are a bunch of Patriots.

Any doubts, advice needed by the Armed Forces and Police Personnel would be addressed here.

We can guide the Armed Forces and Police personnel for safe and secured investing.

Well, this service is not charged only for our jawans. Yes, we would not charge a dime from our jawans, however, every penny the jawans saves with our advice, we need that many enemy lives in return during war.(Well, service in kind)

Jai Jawan.

Our services are open for Combined Armed Forces and Police personnel.

Indian National Army

Indian Air Force.

Indian Navy.

Mumbai Police.

More services to follow…

3 thoughts on “For Armed Forces and Police.

    • @AS Reddy,

      If you are from the Defence. This the best way ahead for you. SBI Cap may not currently have internal agreement with the Fund houses that sell this Gold ETF. They would have them in future since this is a growing market. In case you wish to invest in Gold ETF can opt for any other demat service provider who provides this service until SBI Cap has that tie-up in place. Once SBI Cap makes this facility available to its customers you can switch over from your demat service provider back to SBI Cap or simply transfer those Gold ETF units which you would have bought over to SBI Cap.

      Also, write a letter to the Chief Marketing Officer at SBI Cap and ask him if you can be allowed to invest in Gold ETF. They may allow you to do so, as a one off transaction.

      Sorry for the late revert.



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