Investment Objective
The prime objective of scheme is to deliver the benefit of investment in a portfolio of equity shares, while offering tax rebate on such investments made in the scheme under section 80 C of the Income-tax Act, 1961. It also seeks to distribute income periodically depending on distributable surplus.
Asset Allocation
Instrument % of Portfolio of Plan A & B Risk Profile
Equity,PCD’s and FCD’s and bonds 80-100% Medium to High
Money market instruments 0 – 20% Low
Scheme Highlights
1. There is a statutory lock-in period of three years for investments in a Tax Saving Scheme (irrespective of the fact whether the investors claim the rebate u/s 80C or any other section or not).

2. Dividends may be declared depending on distributable profits of the scheme. Facility to reinvest dividend proceeds into the scheme at NAV.

3. Switchover facility to any other open-ended schemes of SBI Mutual Fund at NAV related prices available after the statutory lock-in period.

Launch Date

Minimum Application

March 31, 1993 Rs. 500 and Multiples of Rs 500

Entry Load

Exit Load

Investments below Rs. 5 crores – 2.25% Investments of Rs.5 crores and above – NIL


Rs.500/month – 12 months Rs.1000/month – 6months Rs.1500/quarter – 12 months
A minimum of Rs. 500 can be withdrawn every month or quarter by issuing advance instructions to the Registrars at any time. This facility is available only after the lock-in period of three years.

Latest Nav

Magnum Tax Gain Scheme – 1993 – Dividend 41.4 11/04/2008
Magnum Tax Gain Scheme – 1993 – Growth 50.95 11/04/2008

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Principal MF

2 thoughts on “SBI MAGNUM TAXGAIN 1993 SCHEME-Part 1

  1. Sir/Madam,
    I am subscriber of SBI Mutual Fund Tax Gain Scheme. My Folio No is 1005xxxx. I have not received quarterly statement of account of said scheme. Please forward statement of account in my e-mail address.


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