Online Advertisment thru blogs..

Online Marketing Field is growing everyday. The pie seems to get bigger by the day.

Brand advertising and direct marketing.

Very little advertising is even expected to result in substantial, immediate and incremental sales. You can only expect that to happen with door-to-door sales, and even there the hit rate will be a small fraction of sales calls.

Yet companies spend huge sums of money on advertising.

You need to test it Online or offline advertising should generate additional sales.

You rarely get to know the results automatically – unless you do systematic surveys to find out.

Poor clickthroughs, great branding!

Successful online advertisers worldwide (Intel, Novell, Procter & Gamble) have not been deterred by poor clickthrough rates – that’s because online advertising
resulted in higher sales and improvement in consumer perceptions of their brands over a period of time.

Portion of that advertising include blog advertisements. The name that comes directly in mind (A brand in itself) is Blogvertise
This guys have mastered the art of online advertisement through the current rage called blogs. Every advertiser needs a his brand recall in this new field of marketing. That is where marketing companies like blogvertise© have their strenghts.

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