TATA SIP FUND. It is a closed ended fund.

They are about to deploy the funds collected over a period of 3 years. Of this the AMC will deploy some proportion of it every month in equity markets. At the end of 3 yrs the entire portion of the equity shall be deployed.

2.75% each month will be invested in equity markets.

Debt and Money Market Equity Markets.
97.25% 2.75%
94.50% 5.50%
91.75% 8.25%
. .
. .
. .
3.75% 96.25%
1.00% 99.00%

This funs seeks to benefit from Rupee Cost Averaging principle.
Also the investor does not have to worry about.
1) Volatility in Markets.
2) Time to enter the Stock markets.
3) Issue of Post Dated Cheques.
4) Timely clearing of SIP instructions by the bank and AMC.
5) High costs involved in small amounts SIP insructions with all AMC’s.

The risks are that in case the market go in one direction i.e upwards the investor will not benefit much from this scheme.


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